Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Policy and Perception 

Which of the following would you want your child to drink with his or her school lunch?
A: 11 cal., 3g sugar (per fl. oz.).
B: 10 cal., 2g sugar.
C: 15 cal., 3g sugar.
The answer, I think is obvious. It's D, none of the above.

A is cola. B is sports drink. C is unsweetened apple juice.

So, while Mississippi, the state with the nation's worst obesity problem, may mean well, this policy doesn't make a lot of sense:
All public schools are currently banned from selling full-calorie soft drinks to students. Next academic year, elementary and middle schools will allow only water, juice and milk, while high schools will allow only water, juice, sports drinks and diet soft drinks.
But at least legislators can say they're doing something....


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